LAMP003 - Jan ’13

Garben Eden describes himself as a 'dancefloor inspired electronic musician'. No surprise then that his debut on Lampuka explores this environment but on both the lighter and darker side of the 4:4 camp. Tracks are brimming with what are often experimental sounds, yet solid grooves and production techniques.

Eden has definitely defined his own recognisable quality and his live sets are keeping the toes tapping in his home city of Düsseldorf, but with recent releases on Anton Zap's Ethereal Sound and US imprint Ectasy Records alongside Vakula, Garben Eden is clearly crossing some musical borders.

The A1 track 'Romantic Archive' treats the listener to a bouncy keyed riff, memorable chords and delicately placed vocal snippets. Chugging things down on the remix is Tusk of Tusk Wax fame who gives the track a cosmic element and down tempo groove, making subtle gaps in the journey to tip his cap towards the original track.

'Komm' on the B side is a chord and strings affair infused with a playful baroque style analog bass line. 'Night Poser' drags us into the wee hours whether we liked it or not with trippy tremelos and triplets - further testament to the Garben Eden portfolio. Enjoy.

LAMP002 - Dec ’12

Promising new imprint Lampuka Records returns with their second release, an excellent deep techno four tracker from Swedish producer Pistol Pete, featuring a remix from label head Raimo.

The EP kicks off with the carefully sculpted "Garlic Express", lush pads compliment this hazy mid-paced burner and take you on a journey of aquatic techno soundscapes. Paired on the a-side is "Can't Won't" further showcasing Pistol Pete's talent in deep atmospherics, but this time intertwined with a faster pace and low end in abundance.

On the flip "Aelska Inget" shows the producer's contrasting moods - a rougher, tougher and deceptively slow jam, that's rich in textures and percussion with a low-slung groove. A definite departure from the feeling on the a-side, but one that's in-keeping with the EPs modus operandi.

Rounding off the EP in his signature style, Raimo grabs Pistol Pete's underlying deep elements and remodels 'Aelska Inget' into this peak time offering. With carefully timed breaks, a cheeky swing lurks behind the almost tribal drum patterns and dubby chords - that little extra something carries you away.

LAMP001 - May’12

The label's inaugural release features original tracks from head honcho Raimo and up and coming producer Tomas Rubeck, who has a growing number of releases under his belt. Lovingly hand stamped and limited to 375 physical copies, this release also features a spellbinding remix from Edinburgh’s finest deep house confectioner Gavin Sutherland aka Fudge Fingas - known for his sublime work on Prime Numbers and the uber collectible Firecracker imprint.

Lampuka Records is a new underground electronic music label dedicated to releasing quality music on limited vinyl pressings & digital. The ethos for Lampuka according to boss Raimo? "Thought provoking and mood evoking. I want people to remember when they first encountered a Lampuka".

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